MetroJet Airways A321

Hi am back, and today there is a airline I would like to see, It’s called MetroJet

That’s how the livery looks.


That A321 has got to be one of the most generic looking airliners around. No offense, I love all kinds of themes but a white tube with a blue tail and two blue engines isn’t too exciting.


Yeah Ikr but it’s still a airline plus there’s other ones that are boring like this on in IF

I’m not a fan of this livery. I feel like if we were to get more liveries, make them more exciting and less generic.


That’s another reason this livery should be added, to remeber the victims

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Orange wingtip fences? Weird colours.

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When I search up MetroJet A321 on google images they all talk about a crash.

@EdT there was a crash in eastern Egypt in late October. All over UK news, probably was a terrorist bomb.

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Guys you’re all saying that this livery looks like a white tube with blue tail,but when some plane is coming out you always request white tubes like Lufthansa,British,air France,Delta,JAL etc.
P.S. I don’t like this livery too

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Yes I completely agree with you it’s for charters and you know a livery is bad if it looks like this

I agree won’t you but I think the tail fins on the British airways aircraft looks very nice along with the logo on the side of the aircraft the livery on this aircraft has not been made with any effort no cool design it’s just bland

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The airlines you listed are legacy carriers. I’m not sure Metro jet would receive the same demand / request as the lagacy carriers. As @Chatta290 said about the MetroJet design, “it’s just bland.”

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No cool design on British and lufthansa,etc too.Only logos on tails and white tube like metrojet.No difference.

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Airlines,which I’ve listed are white tubes too like metrojet and I didn’t say that these airlines must be original,colorful or something else.I said,that you are complaining of not original design and less of colors on Metrojet livery,basing on your logic you should complain of these legacy carriers designs too.Isn’t it?

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No. I’m not complaining, that’s my opinion.