METARs Unavailable

While starting my control at EDDL Tower and Ground, I was going to read the METAR like I usually do for the importsnt Information that can be found in it. However, it just says “Unavailable” where the METAR is usually shown and if I click on the airport and go to Weather, it just says “N/A”. What should I do? I restarted infinite flight, and closed all background apps, and that didn’t help anything. Ideas? Thanks!
Update : After restarting my iPad, the issue is still persistent.


That means the weather is down on the server for you. You can look up the real world METARs when it says unavailable next time on, for example. Currently EDDL METARs are:

EDDL 110150Z 31003KT CAVOK 12/09 Q1017 NOSIG

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