Metars @ LTBA

Good day specialist my question is concerning the metar.I’ve been controlling for almost 8 hours and my Metar has not changed for hours how often does the weather push I want to make sure that I have accurate Runway choices for my pilot and it would appear that my Metar is hours old…and I mean by like almost 3 hours

Weather changes every hour, maybe leave and load back in, maybe it’ll change. It should change automatically though.

Oh darn…it hasn’t changed at all…and I know the winds have changed. Ahh shucks…too bad I will have to leave and come right back…i kinda like the fact that it shows my active time for hours when other users check the airport for open controller positions at the current airport 😔…oh well at least it’s a solution. Thanks

Topic can be closed I’ll check current METAR using other applications

You can check the timestamp in the METAR to determine when it was last updated in zulu time.

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It hasn’t changed since 1720Z 😪 so the info is hours old

Maybe it’s not been updated from the source since then. Which airport?

I’m at ltba… luckily the wind still favor the runways I’ve been using

Strange. 2120Z is what i see.

I’m wondering if it’s because the global server is red so I might not be getting the update even though the Weather Service shows green

Shouldn’t be. Two different things… the weather is on the Live API.

well see on the photo of @schyllberg that is written NOSIG, NOSIG is an example of a trend forecast that is attached to METARs at stations while a meteorologist is on duty. NOSIG means no significant change is expected for the reported conditions within the next 2 hours.

See that it’s always NOSIG and it changes the wind a bit from one moment to another