METAR Weather Data CAVOK

It seems that CAVOK on METAR automatically translates into a low visibility of 6 SM: Is this intended? We have beautiful westher in LSZH, but in the Sim it seems cloudy… thanks for an update on this (I have already posted on Twitter)

I just checked a bunch of METARs in the area and Infinite Flight is accurate with RW data. It apppears that anything 6SM or greater will just be displayed as 6SM with Infinite Flight for anything in some of Europe, Africa and maybe a few others. Have a look over in India, South America or Australia and you will see airports reporting at 21SM and USA at 10SM.

I’m not a dev for FDS but I’m going to venture to say that there’s probably a certain template and algorithm for what is displayed at each qualifying airport in Infinite Flight based on its origin (country).


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