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If METAR is like this: EFIV 041750Z AUTO 32011KT 280V360… ( Taken from my local airport). Does the wind vary from 280 to 360 or does it stay at 320. (The heading of the wind of course.)

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It varies between 280 and 360.

Sorry, I forgot to say that I meant that does it vary in Live. (Not IRL)

In audible ATIS reports, it’ll read “Variable between 280 and 360 degrees”

I meant does it vary in game between 280 and 360.

Well IF follows the real weather so whatever happens in real life, it should happen in IF

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I havent noticed it to vary, Im not sure tough. I don’t have live anymore so I can’t look at it on live.

Well I usually look at it this way:

Wind at the next METAR report will be between 280 and 360

Something like a “prepare you mentally for a runway change” thing

So it does vary in live?

Bro, the weather is always according to the METAR report

I know it, but as I havent seen it vary (or I just havent been on airports that METARS are like that) I wasnt so sure about it. But thank you anyways.

Sometimes it doesn’t refresh… To refresh it, tap on the airport and go to the weather tab, it should refresh when a new METAR report is fetched

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I fount that it doesnt vary in Live.

It does. METARs are usually released once an hour, unless a SPECI, an unscheduled report, is released after a significant change in the weather. So usually, the weather updates every hour in IF.

During the last TT KORDs METAR was 27010KT 250V290(Or something like that) and the wind didnt vary.

Not possible because METARs only display wind variation if it is of 60 degrees or more.

Well the METAR said ia should vary and it didnt. I don’t remember how much it was supposed to vary.

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