Metar Question with rain

Hello! just wondering

If the Metar says something like

SCT 037

that means it is raining right?

for nerds: SCT 037 T01430142

Understanding METAR

Check out this tutorial here. It has tables that gives you all the codes

it did not give me a clear answer about the rain with dew point

no i dont think so im pretty sure that means there are scatted clouds at flight level 037 or 3700 feet maybe check out captain joes new video here

Another part of the METAR will tell you if it is raining. I don’t think those tel you whether or not it’s raining. For example if it says +SHRA, it means rain showers

Not necessarily. Those numbers are also rounded so they may not be exactly the same but the air is pretty saturated at that point and is most likely hazy or foggy. What was the visibility?

4SM @Josh_Suarez

There ya go. That explains it. If it’s the US, there should be a code HZ denoting that it’s hazy because there should always be a code if the visibility is less than 7SM informing you of what is causing the reduced/obscured visibility

Ok! makes sense now!
thankyou very much for you help :)

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Before this gets closed, is there a website were I can Put in a airport, then it tells me the current Metar?


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Scattered clouds (3-5 eights of the sky are covered by cloud) at 3700ft, temperature 14°C, dewpoint 14°C.


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