METAR not updating / differs between servers

I’m getting errors with the METAR. It’s differing between servers and is not updating or correct:

This screenshot was taken on the playground server. The METAR time and date is correct for the real world. However, the wind is displaying at 270 degrees and the active runways are incorrect for those conditions.

This screenshot is taken minutes later on the advanced server. You can see the METAR is out of date by a few days and has not refreshed. It has been like this now since the date / time on the data.

The METAR is not updating on the advanced server. I discussed this the other day on another thread re METARs. I live in Sydney and it’s a perfectly clear day, but the IF live weather in advanced is completely wrong. It has not updated at all.

Please, this needs to be sorted out ASAP. The ‘live’ weather updates that are meant to be real world / accurate is about 50% the reason I pay for the live subscription…


Good call I didn’t realize this is what you where tying to say yesterday.

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