METAR not showing for all airports

Im having a problem, the METAR for every airport in not showing up. Anyone having this issue?

Same issue on my end here. There seems to be an issue with the servers…

Yup… same for me ):

Yes I’ve been having that issue when flying into smaller, unedited airports like CYFJ

What happen here is that all of the Airport even the big one doesn’t showing at all. Unlucky to the max lol

We’re looking into it :)


How’s it looking now?

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Well, that sucks.

We’ll have to wait a while (20 minutes) until we can do anything else, since it recycles the data on top of the hour every hour + we get the logs from the previous hour available to us if we should need to troubleshoot further.


So, patience is key I guess?

Unfortunately in this case, yes…

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Still not up yet.

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I had a close eye to the status of the weather. Normally it disconnects a few times on top of the hour. It did not this time…

Okay, seems like our servers can’t resolve the address to the API where we get the data from.

We’re looking at if there’s something we can do about it from here or if we need to file a ticket with our service provider for it…


Looks okay now on my end. How about yours?

Still negative…

It’s working for me now Seb :)

For me it’s working

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It’s working for me too. Thanks Seb! :)

Airports are coming back alive weather wise…thanks to the support team for all efforts…greatly appreciate it! 💯