METAR list


It would be great if there was a specific screen listing METAR for all airports across all regions, with a score reflecting how challenging they are.

It would be a great tool to help Pilots and ATCs pick interesting places (like Canberra for the past couple of hours).

PS: @Matt where do you pull the weather info from? If there’s some api for this I’d be happy to pull together a website for this


It’s all here:

Have fun :D


Or a weather radar with different color schemes which covers the map.


Just quickly, for the majority of those out there that have absolutely no idea as to how to read a METAR. Head to this link.



@Matt thanks! Could you please give me access to your api so that I can cross reference with airports with ATC etc. ?


I’m working on LiveFlight for iOS at the moment, I’ve already built something very similar to what you suggested :)

Airports are ranked by “interesting-ness” (high winds + low vis = top of list), push notifications are sent for airports with extreme weather. Still needs a bit of work, but quite a cool little feature.
I’ve also worked on a weather map a bit, but I’m not happy with the results yet…


Sure – I have a slightly different approach in mind ;)