METAR issues

Hi Metar weather at airports isn’t working for me for some reason?

I’ve restarted the app and device, at the top right on weather server everything is green.


It’s just saying metar downloading and for some reason at nzaa it appears but it’s 0 everything.

If anyone knows how to fix this issue or help this would be great thanks.

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Yes but also no other metar of any airport showing. Not sure it’s matchmatched from other airport it is just showing 0 winds.


You mentioned NZAA, which is OICJ METAR. Seems mismatch to me.

And there’s no reason why the airport for YSSY is not just using the METAR of a field not reporting, i.e. mismatched.


All airports metars are not appearing. All green in weather section top right.

I’m not misunderstanding what you’re saying.

What I’m saying is that the fields are not matched correctly, as indicated in the other thread. They are using the METARs from other fields, ones which aren’t reporting.