METAR Issues? "Unavailable"

[Quick disclaimer, my WiFi is stable, so slow or unstable WiFi/internet shouldn’t be the issue this time.]
I’ve been controlling at various airports on TS1, and a few times recently the METAR has shown as “Unavailable”.
This causes all of the runway numbers in the map view to become active (green). However, I’ve noticed that the ATC menu options (like taxi to, takeoff at, etc.) still show certain runways as active but others with tailwinds (red) or crosswinds (yellow). Usually, these ATC menu runway labels show the complete opposite of what the winds were before “Unavailable” happened.
I’m not 100% sure, but I think the pilots’ weather is usually still being updated. This may cause confusion, as their active runways might differ from the ones in my ATC menus. They might think I’m sending them to an inactive runway on purpose because it appears as active on my screen.
So far, I have only seen this happen in the US, but I don’t control in other countries very often.
Notice the screenshot I attached. It lists the METAR as “Unavailable” in the top-left corner and the Weather as “N/A”, and it shows all runways as active. However, a pilot I talked to who was near that airport at the time told me only 22L and 22R were active, but the others weren’t. In this case, however, in the “Taxi To” menu, the active runways matched up with the map instead of showing 04L and R as active and 22L and R as inactive.

My main questions are: Does anyone know why the METAR stops working, and is there a fix for it? (Or is it just a bug, or is it some other reason?) How/why does it still suggest aircraft to taxi to certain runways/decide to make certain runways active and others not in the ATC menu, even if the weather is unavailable? And does this affect/confuse pilots too, or is this weather issue just for me or ATC?
Hope this isn’t a duplicate post!

I would have a look at this discussion.

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That’s helpful, I haven’t seen that discussion. Thanks!
I’m still wondering about why the METAR becomes unavailable at times though. Just a bug? Or is there some server-restart-type thing that happens?

It’s a known issue, search METAR in Support.

Oops, I think I might have duplicated @MrMrMan’s post: METARs Unavailable
If it is just a known bug, then a mod can close this.
I was just wondering if it was some kind of scheduled server thing. I was also wondering about why the METAR might work for aircraft but not ATC, but if it is a bug then that explains it.

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I did make a post on that but it got closed. I was told that it was an issue and that they were looking into it.

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I’m sure you reporting what happened to you is welcomed in #support. :)

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Well considering atm that egll is down, kjfk is down and klax is down I would say that this is a bug. Most large airports metars atm are reporting as unavailable and while I understand that occasionally metar issues at large airports can arise on the airports part, I sincerely doubt that such a substantial amount of large airports are simultaneously having metar issues at the same time.

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Btw Ik about the previous thread but it’s been locked as the issue was apparently fixed.

Just some extra information, the airport in the screenshot was showing “Unavailable” from the very beginning, even when there were no aircraft. That means this isn’t an issue with the airport overloading. Also, the problem is not affected by graphics settings or the live airplane count as far as I can tell.


We had quite a widespread issue yesterday and a few days beforecthat but after increasing the capacity it all came back up.
KSSC like you were controlling earlier seems fine here :)

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Lol the issue is literally happening to me right this moment…

At KSSC or any other airport? Most METARs are reporting in fine over here… 😕

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KLAX, KSFO, etc. Basically every airport…
I’m in SFO at this moment
Do you mind getting the active runways for me?

Well, this is odd.
I’m not getting any for SFO. But LAX, SAN, OAK and a bunch of others in the vicinity is good.

It’s being investigated. The server responsible for taking care of this is in a weird mood.

Sorry for this happening so soon again…


The part of airports yet without weather…

I’m working on it… Internet where I am now is pretty spotty and they block a ton of ports, so it’s taking a bit longer than I’d like…


I have one theory about the issue here. This may be a bug where the map (and METAR) thinks the weather is unavailable, but it is actually receiving weather info, except it’s only displaying it in the ATC menus instead of on the map and METAR. That might explain why my ATC menu options show runways with favorable winds, but the map and METAR don’t.
At this point, I’m pretty sure this issue sticks with me at every airport. (even the largest ones, like KLAX, KJFK, etc. But don’t forget, this issue isn’t caused by too many aircraft for my device to handle as seen in the KSSC example.)


Have you tried your kick method? Seems to do pretty good for all the other fixes. 😂

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