Metar in Chinese Airports showing Meters per Second, shown as knots on HUD/Display

I unfortunately cannot use my iPad to show the issue, as it is dead and the charging USB-C is not working properly, but in my many flights in China, I have noticed the METAR is saying Meters per Second, but the HUD in aircraft without a live cockpit or one of the displays in aircraft with one show that number as knots, without a conversion from MPS to KTs. Is this a known issue, and is a fix being looked into? I’m unsure of anything that can be done on my end, as this is likely a universal issue. Thanks!

I wouldn’t say this is an issue per say.
It’s just that we don’t have any built-in conversion in the HUD/Cockpit parameters. Might be something that we look into later as there’s been talk about moving more & more over to the metric system within aviation.


A quick conversion would be doubling the numerical value shown in meters.

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