METAR Glitch Tracking Thread (Extreme Winds)

So I have decided to repurpose this thread for people to post crazy metar glitches they know of. I will do my best to post as many of these as I can as well.

Must be one hell of a ride.

Yeah it was. And a fun one at that

Nice to see you’re enjoying yourself.
I just want to add something in;

Spawning in these locations are at your own risk

If you come here, see a METAR acting up, accidentally spawn on the wrong server and get violations, these will not be removed.
You are very well what you’re getting yourself into and should make sure to spawn on the correct server before tapping “Fly!” :)


KCMR seems to be fixed

ugh, damn!
Missed all the fun.

Sad. Waiting for the next glitch

Hey Guys!

METAR Glitches occur often. You can find them yourself by checking this website every now and then.

Don’t forget to invite us to the fun! :)

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I look forward to the day when the weather glitches at a major airport like EGLL, KSFO or KLAX.


This is what would happen then. The expert atc tells a player to hold short and while he is holding short the metarr glitches and due to 1000 knot winds the plane starts flying and the controller ghosts the plane for taking off without clearance.


To be honest, I don’t look at the METAR in-app since I’ve done all my flight planning before hand. I’ll grab the current conditions off the ATIS or look at the METAR after I’m ready to get going. That said, there’s enough of a grace period to leave the flight before incurring any violations should something crazy happen.


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195 knots at SUSO right now!

4 Likes is showing 750 knots at KIMM. Nothing crazy in IF yet.

EDIT: It’s gone now.

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GMLL has 78kt Winds, so hop in a light plane and have some fun!

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GFLL has now 78 knots!

EDIT: It’s gone

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Please say when it has stopped so people can search for new ones :)

I was going to, but it still has 78kt winds

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Semi-autonomous hovering with the Boeing 747 at SUSO earlier:

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The controller shouldn’t ghost the plane, it should ghost the wind instead so that the wind would stop trolling pilots and make them tilt.