Metar Glitch? 126 Kt winds at every airport

Hey y’all. At every airport that I spawn at in Solo, the winds are 126 knots. Is this a glitch? I spawned at KJFK and I know that currently the winds are not nearly that fast.

Keyword: Solo.

Solo mode doesn’t have live weather. It can be manually set in the weather page.

You are most likely seeing this weather from your last Live session which is transferred to your solo session.


Oh yeah, I forgot about that, thanks!

Wait, I had a weather disconnection on live earlier. Had to land in a 106 knot headwind 😂


What was the result of that landing ??

Surely TOGA and no flare 🤷‍♂️


This tends to happen when you decide to quit the flight in cruise. When you spawn in solo, the weather remains the same as it was before you quit your flight on live.


Not alone 😂

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What was your GS at touchdown?

Everything was fine, except for the -500 FPM landing…

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