METAR for EHAM different than simulated wind

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Probably a known topic even if I could not find it easily and quickly back on this community.

Yesterday, I operated a KLM VA flight from EGLC to EHAM. I did check the METAR data while approaching Amsterdam area, to decide upon landing runway.

The METAR showed wind out of 320 degrees, so, I decided for runway 36C on EHAM. While established on final, I noticed that IF was simulating wind out of 209 degrees, which would probably have made me chose for 18C…

Is this a known bug? If so, is there any plans on solving this?

I forgot to make screenshots.
The flight took place on Training server.
I must have landed around 1730z

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Captain Chris

The wind at the airport may be different from the wind slightly higher up on approach, that accounts for most of the inaccuracies you may see. Other times there may be a delay in the reporting of the metar vs winds aloft.


I did compare while on final the direction of the wind as indicated above the mini-map or on HUD with the METAR for the airport.

Being on Final, I would expect it to match, so I just wondered if this related to a server issue at the time or if it is a known issue.

As all runways were green, hence open for landing, I checked the METAR for selecting the best runway. Not a big issue, just curious

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Captain Chris

Thats what I am saying, the winds on final may be different from what is in the METAR. As you get closer the winds should start to match. Many times I will be inbound with a crosswind at 8 miles out and as I get closer to the runway it starts to match the airport METAR more.

While that is common I have had it since the METAR was fixed that the winds aloft do not match the METAR on ground. One example was a couple of weeks ago at SCEL where the METAR was showing 19kts crosswind but the winds aloft was at 2kts. I had spawned in to SCEL to depart. I thought it was a one time glitch so didnt report but have found other minor variances in the METAR readout and the winds on the ground when you depart, though not as drastic as the SCEL event.

Understood, many thanks.
For me fine to close the topic