Metar doesn’t update with IRL during flight

Hello guys it’s 1926Z, approaching an airport which have a metar on 1850Z. But in Infine Flight the metar is staying at the 1820Z one… when you pass from thunderstorm to calm but the metar will make your approach too rocky or even tail winding too much, it’s a bit pitty…

How does metar updates works ? Can’t we have a button to update it like the airport list in the menu?

Gooday everyone !

Issue both on flight or atc session
Last IF version

Looks like that when I got closer to the airport it finally updates

Update: and neh back to the older one…

Hey, the METAR only updates every 5-10 minutes I believe. There is a bit of a delay between the servers and the source IF uses for their weather. I could be wrong though :)

Hey there! Maybe have look below! :)

Definitely not

2007Z, metar still not updated, will have to départ with thunderstorm conditions when irl it’s now calm and the opposite runway is in use

Which airport are you approaching/departing?

I can’t find any airport that’s on 18**Z METARS

There was some differences… in the wind and the little airport info box on map, you’ll get the old metar and maybe the next one in the weather page of the airport box when you select this…

I just wanted to know why we have such delay each time between real metar actualisation and IF metar updating. Maybe this issue is random… I will try to pay attention for the next flight if that issue is happening every flights or not…

By the way I was in EDDS vicinity holding at 11000ft waiting for a real life thunderstorm to pass before landing, the metar didn’t change for more than a hour and at the time of the landing real life metar was VRB04KT, the actual IF metar were 23020G33KT something like that). I’ve landed with that metar when the real trafic was with another metar yet.
After relaunching a new flight session the metar was in another precious metar while the real one was more recent.

It’s not a big issue to the people that doesn’t want to match the real weather conditions when flying, but when I fly like I was between IRL planes it’s a bit difficult to land with 20G33KT tailwind.

So for my return flight I took off matching the IRL trafic flow, with a IF METAR and wind with more than gusting 20/30 knots of tailwind. That was rocky but I made it ^^