Metar doesn’t correspond

A couple in minutes ago I landed in SCL (Santiago). I looked on to see the surface winds and I saw that the winds were coming out of the south, making 17L or 17R the best options for landing. But, 17R and 17L were red on the map. The metar said winds were variable at 6, so I though that winds, upon landing, were out of the north. Be aware, I noticed this last minutes as I was checking windy the entire time. I even had made a topic about looking at metar, but when I touched down, the winds were in my favor (Look at picture) even though the winds should of been coming out of the north. Why is it like this?


What doesn’t the METAR corresponds with?
The latest one reported for SCEL is :
061600Z VRB08KT 9999 FEW060 SCT160 24/12 Q1014 NOSIG

When i check the app, it’s almost the same but from 1500Z.
(061500Z VRB06KT 9999 FEW160 SCT200 21/12 Q1014 NOSIG)

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If you look at the picture, the winds are a head wind, at 238. But the winds on the metar are 0, thus making the 35R and 35L runways green which, if I landed on those, would of given me a tail wind.

The winds on the METAR doesn’t state a heading, so that might be the issue here. The last METAR that reported a heading was 1400Z with a heading of 150.

I don’t know Exactly how this is set up when you hit VRB though… but that’s probably the thing. It’s hard to set a heading when it’s not announced. What was the last wind direction your recall before getting near the airport? If you remember one that is :)

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172 on final, 238 degrees on runway

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