METAR Data Still Not Visible

Hello once again, IFC! I’m here to show you guys an issue that was present pre-22.3. I just wanted to point this out and see if anyone can look into this, please? Thanks! (Let me know if this is a duplicate.)

Device Info:
iOS 15.4.1
iPhone 12

Infinite Flight Version:
22.3 (1782)

Here’s the screenshot provided:

Please look into this because if I’m planning for a flight, I need to know the METAR details before launching, and planning accordingly.

As mentioned when you posted earlier, we have it noted. That doesn’t automatically mean it’ll be fixed for the update following, as we have prioritize :)

But we’ll handle the issue when it’s appropriate!

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Okay, thanks for letting know! (I apologize if I’m wasting your time btw.)

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