METAR Colors

Hey everyone! I am flying into Keflavik and the METAR is like a peach color. Does anyone know what this means?

What to expect: Don’t expect to be seeing the airport until you’re a less than 3 miles out from the ILS or end of the runway. Make sure you’ve been practicing your ILS approaches as you’ll need them for this kind of weather and anything of worsening conditions.”

Find more below (not sure why it’s unlisted but should give you some good info on this)


Ok thank you so much!!

Regan’s worked to integrate a lot of the tutorials that myself and other community members have created and put it into one central location, the User Guide. If you see a tutorial that was unlisted its a good sign that it was input into the user guide.

Dot colors can be seen here under the “Fly Online” section within the “Getting Started” of the Flying Guide.

scroll to nearly the bottom of the page in the link below to see this preview


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