METAR colors

Anybody know why ATC and the METAR info is blue for one and green for the other?

I always wondered that…

Maybe it means a dev is controlling? 😆

I believe it’s to show visibility. Red is low, blue is in the middle, green is high.


That would actually explain a lot. When I flew in yesterday, there was a lot of fog. Very low visibility. I have never seen a red one however.

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Red is quite rare, indeed. ;)

Just to test it out, if I flew in solo and changed the visibility to the lowest possible setting, do you think I would see red?

Most likely.

Cool. Thanks.

@Henrik is mostly correct, here is a chart on how it is worked out:


I don’t think so Dillan since there are no metars in Solo, though the airport name might still change.

Yeah. I tried it. Nothing worked.

Could you explain this chart to me? How do I read it?😅😬

Don’t think that chart is exactly accurate for IF, as we don’t have ‘ceilings’ or tops and bottoms in cloud coverage.

In IF the red looks like it’s less than 1 standard mile (SM) visibility, then I think it goes to a pinky colour, then blue then green is more than 10SM. It’s just a simple scale to give you a brief overview of the visibility without going into the full METAR

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