Metar Colors!

Hey guys! I was wondering what the Metar colors represented. I’m thinking they are for winds, but I’m not sure 🤔. Do any of you know what they mean? I’ve seen different colors while looking on the map like blue,red, and white. Thank you so much!

This, and many other parts explain METARs, I am sure your answer is in there.




Ok thanks, I appreciate that!

Are you looking for something like this?

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Mark has a series of tutorials on YouTube where he explains how METARs work. Take a look if you want further information besides the colors.

And yes, the colors have to do with the weather. Red is below VFR minimums, for instance.


Thanks Tyler!! That really helps with expanding my knowledge for aviation!


Green - VFR (Visual flight rules) conditions. More than 5 nautical miles visibility

Blue - MVFR (Marginal VFR) 2-5 (I think) nautical miles visibility

Pink - IFR (Instrument flight rules) 2-4 nautical miles visibility

Red - LIFR (Low IFR) <2 nautical miles visibility

Remember you can still fly IFR in MVFR or VFR conditions, commercial aircraft legally have to always fly IFR


lol, I just saw this from you in a different topic a couple minutes ago! Thanks

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You guys are awesome! Thanks for the help.

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