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Sup folks!

I encountered this weird bug caused by erroneous(?) METAR bug at KBNW: the wind portion in my METAR was the most unique I’ve ever seen so far. I kept flying for a bit and the METAR went normal to typical METARs you’d see across all airports. Was wondering if anyone else has also experienced this.

I screen-recorded the event cause it was quite hilarious—spawned with an A318 and… see it for yourselves, I won’t spoil anything ;)

Here’s the link to the screen-recording:

METAR Bug Video

Some screenshots…

Notice the 833@333G18KT. I never knew the angle greater than 360 degrees actually existed lol

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This definitely is a bug! Never seen this before honestly, maybe just this airport. Not sure but it is pretty weird though.

How was your connection to the weather?

Based on the video, it shows his connection was good @anon7075715

Maaaan I should have went there. People used to have a blast around glitched metars.

This is only a product of the METAR itself. Sometimes it gets a typo and you end up with triple digit numbers in calm winds. In IF, it turns into a maelstrom of wind.


@anon7075715 connection was all fine! Well I was connected to an extender to my router, but it has always been normal everytime I fly…

@Nate_Schneller I wish the bug was being more permanent than temporary too lol—just don’t make it permanent 😂

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