METAR Bot on Messenger

I created a small bot to quickly get METAR information for any airport (with its ICAO) code from the Messenger app

If you want to use it, just start a conversation with this page

It was my first real attempt to create a useful bot, I miss time but I would love to create a real “copilot” bot to handle requests like “gear up”, “turn 270”

In my next life maybe


Well that is just too good. You thought outside the box, instead of creating an app you use two apps already made. This is amazing


Let’s not be so pessimistic lol

Anyway, a genius’ idea and great implementation. Very creative, will surely try it out!


Creative idea, as this will enable pilots to know the METAR of their planned destination and arrival airports. I’ll give it a try this weekend when I’m about to do a flight. Thanks alot for making this bot to Facebook Messenger :)


Really cool! We have something like this on Discord for Qantas Virtual. Granted, I have no idea where it came from or how, but it’s pretty awesome regardless.

Any chance you could make this a bot for slack?

Very Very Very Cool! Nice idea, works well :)

20 am


yes I think it’s possible but I just need to understand how

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The only useful bot on Messenger I guess.


Hey bossman. I can help with that. I have a slackbot for AIVA. Can you provide the API which you found was best for this service, and I’ll make this to a slack bot


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