Metal Under Tension | F18 Super Hornet | Infinite Flight Movie

Greetings community members! :) Since the AWESOME 22.6 update, I have been flying with the f18 ever since…and I think it is also the ‘plane of the week’ in the servers too ;)
Well, I thought of an idea of making an IF movie about the f18 and may or may not have used some of the top gun songs :)) Anyway hope you enjoy the video!


That’s look incredible!

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Thank you Lufty! :)

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Your welcome Agent 001 :D

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This is great!! Needs more views!!


Oh yes need 1 billion views!!

Good music

Perfect footages


What do we need more?

Thanks :))

Ah thanks man…But I really doubt I will get that large amount of views… I just started my channel a few months ago XD

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One day you will trust me !

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That was awesome! The production quality was great! Keep up the good work!

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You know it’s the plane of the week when it’s what you see at KLAX on the expert server lol

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Nice job with most of the angles. I would recommend in future productions to improve the frame rate, and quality overall to further better the experience.

Using higher frame rates and better graphic settings overall can help whatever software you use better improve the quality of the film.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out. :)

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It’s amazing 😍

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Thanks for your suggestion! I actually have no idea why the fps is so low because my phone is a 13 pro max :(

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Thanks! :D

Thanks! :)

Ikr haha :)

That was great I love your videos

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Thank you!