Metal birds


here’s some metal birbs

Here’s a metal bird going to Cancun

Here’s another metal bird going to Hong Kong

Here’s a metal bird going to Anchorage

Another metal bird heading to Denver

And finally, a metal bird heading to Tokyo with a fellow metal bird taxiing to the terminal



Nice metal birds ya got there 👌🏻


what settings are you shooting with?

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These are old pics from 2021 so the settings are all jacked up

Here’s what Lightroom gave me for the second american pic

1/640 sec at f15.6, ISO 100

195mm (70.0-300.0mm f14.0-5.6)

The carbon birds are my favorite


what airport mate?

i assume you mean f5.6 not 15.6 but regardless I think you might have a focal lock problem. is it possible that you’re 1. using the wrong IS mode or 2. using single position autofocus?

Gotta love them metal birds
Amazing pictures

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Chicago O’hare

I’ve changed the settings since then so my shots look like this now


But these are plastic birds…?


What camera are you on?

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I was trying to get a feel with the “plastic” ones, for how much of the composite structure is actually plastic vs carbon, vs metal.

In general, the best I could see, of the composite one’s, they are split maybe 50% metal, 25% plastic, 25% carbon by weight(?).

Though it varies with design, but a rough ballpark average it seems.

So biological birds and “plastic birds” share a comparable amount of carbon in their makeup?!

and…nice photos! I especially like the one’s with the tower.

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Actually, not at all! About half of the weight of both the 787 and the A350 is composites.

A Nikon D80, it’s old but it does the job

Ah so a fairly old camera and lens. Might just be an age thing causing the focus issues then

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Are we not saying the same thing?:

The 50% composite (of total weight), is about 25% plastic (of total weight) and 25% carbon (of total weight).

We’re both saying half is composite?


the 787 composite are both carbon and plastic, add their weights that’s 50


Sorry, 10pm brain after an exausting day doesn’t work properly.

Considering the composites are much less dense than metals and, as you rightfully pointed out, are in roughly the same proportion of mass as metals, there’s much more composites than metal by volume.

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