Metal Birds Inside Downtown Taipei @RCSS

Taipei Songshan Airport (ICAO: RCSS/ IATA: TSA) is located inside of Taipei City, a second choce beside TPE airport for travellers heading domestic, Northeast Asia and China.

EVA Air 787-10 painted in Star Alliance livery was depating to Shanghai with Taiwan’s tallest building - the Taipei 101 in the background.

The airport is located so conveniently that a five minutes bike ride can take you to the terminal from your home in downtown. Which means spotting planes here can be super creative.

Let’s start with this Far Eastern Air Transport MD-82 parked on the taxiway. This airline is no longer operating since 2019 due to financial problems.

The magnificient Star Alliance 787-10 approaching the airport.

EVA A321 taxing back to gate after a domestic flight from Penghu.
It doesn’t matters if there is sunlight or not when there is building in the background!

Here the sun comes after a thundershower rain.

Meanwhile, a JAL 787-9 was holding short of the runway.
I am always wondering how is the view in the buildings near the airport.

Hmmmmm looks so good

ANA 787-8 in 'Future Promise" Livery. It suites the grass very well in this pic.
The image is too tight, so I just decided not to crop it.

Sometimes capturing the touch down at the back of the plane isn’t that bad too :D

Thanks for watching!


Very nice pictures! Love that last shot!

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That’s fast! Thank you

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Amazing shots! Love Taipei 101 in the background of some of these.

Nice to see that MD-80 as well, always cool to see remnants of a deceased airline (even if it is sad).

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You should try that mountain spot sometime.


Maybe I should try the spot this Saturday, the R2-D2 jet is coming 👀

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How do you know so far in advance? But if it does show up that would legitimately go so hard.

Maddog my beloved. ❤️

Hope they don’t scrap it…

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It’s the Star Wars Day on May 4, some local news said ANA agreed to send the jet here for one last time before the livery removal in late 2024, they usually send 787-8 to here in summer schedule but FR24 shows 787-9 only in May 4, I guess the news is real. :D

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I think the aircraft will comtinue to sit on the taxiway until someone buys it. Hope to see it soar in the sky in the future!

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This is really nice!


damn all those planes need a bath lol

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domestic?Isn’t it leaving in Taiwan Province? Can you give a reasonable explanation?

Not sure what does reasonable means for you, hope this helps.

The livery is getting removed this year??? 😭😭😭

The R2-D2 jet is my favorite livery but it hasn’t been to Vancouver for over 6 years, so I’ll probably never spot it :(

Penghu is a small island province in Taiwan, that’s why it is classified as “domestic”

Only if they don’t extend the contract with Star Wars 🥺

We must infiltrate Disney’s head office then.

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BTW did you end up catching JA873A

Unfortunately I didn’t, they sent a standard livery 789 here that day due aircraft issues at Frankfurt 😭

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