Meta Tutorials

Hello, I’ve seen a few Meta tutorials recently about the forum.

I know you must be regular to post in normal tutorials, but are you allowed to post META tutorials if your not regular? As long as you know 100% what your doing?

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Just post it in Meta. Tutorials is specifically for IF, not the community.

Yes, that is what I meant. I just wanted to know if you have to be regular for a meta tutorial :)

You mean to post something in meta?

I know I can post in Meta, I mean, if you weren’t regular, but you posted some type of tutorial on using the forum in meta, would it get taken down?

If it’s a decent tutorial then it will not be closed.

Ok, thanks :)

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Your looking at the king of them ;), as seen in your event topic there are some existing ones, I have personally created a few over my time here. It’s best to search thoroughly before posting.

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