Meta Notifications

Hi guys.

I was wondering about something. I have #support set to watching, and receive notifications as soon as the topic is posted. I also have #meta watched, but something is different here. I receive notification generally 5 minutes after the topic is posted, instead of instantly. Why is that? Any ideas?

Depends on a number of things. Are you on the desktop or mobile, which OS, etc. What else is running, etc.

Across all devices, iOS, Andriod, Chrome OS, Windows. Don’t use the discourse app though.

I will notice a delay if I have multiple tabs open of the forum. Or sometimes I end up getting multiple notifications.

Its hard to say. You can always disable notifications in preferences, log out, reboot, log in, and turn on notifications again and see if it helps.

My notifications are a hit or miss!

Sometimes they come through - sometimes they dont


Thing is it’s only for the Meta category. May be the announcements category too, but im usually not online when those happen. They both have the same target like notification.

Not sure. I just suggest redoing it because sometimes things happen behind the scenes?

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