Messing around

Does anyone mess around on the Casual server at EGLL or KLAX where all the traffic is for beginners? I feel like there are more people out there who grab a big jet or a small fighter jet and buzz around people and do loops.

Personally I love to do loops in a B737-700, and land without my gear.

Who else foes this stuff!!


I wouldn’t think this is a good idea as the casual server is a place for beginners to learn, not to experience annoying people buzzing them all the time. If you want to mess around, I suggest you go to an empty airport, because this isn’t good for the beginners who just joined IF.


Ok what about the grade four people

fly away from the airport and do the loops

then go back and flex ur landing skills C:

if you dont do this you havent lived yet

I remember when I was a grade 1 and would absolutely drop my jaw watching other people butter landings.


Big brain play right there.


I do that all the time now. Show off the Butter landing skills.

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I don’t to to airports new users go to. They want a good impression of IF since they most likely have just bought a sub for the first time. Having an F16 buzz you gives a bad impression since infinite flight is supposed to be a flight simulator and not a messing around simulator primarily. You want new people to like the sim without any trolls that can ruin the users experience.


go up and float the 777 and flex but the internet for the player on there iphone 6 is to week to see how smooth and looks like you creamed the gear.

no offence to iphone 6 users

Well since runway 25L at KLAX is deserted 99% of the time, i like to do touch and gos in an f18 there, like do a loop then grease the landing

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yes yes yes I totally get that I love that people want that experience but every once an awhile it is fun to do things like that.

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me every day in pattern on at a tracking thread in the P-38 blasting a low approach at 200knts

I know it can be fun. Just as a new user I wouldn’t want that happening to me especially if I just dropped some cash on a sub.

Nothing would top 2015 SoCal if we’re honest here

Personally, I never go to those places nowadays. It may seem funny, seeing people do the most ridiculous things, but what if people come here looking for a better, affordable simulator experience while starting out in multiplayer? It undermines the mission statement of having a good simulator in your pocket and the mission statement of the IFC as a community of those who have a thirst to learn aviation at first glance to the user.


The best @A320_Flyerboy19 to do this, even though it’s people that learn along the way it’s too have fun. In my case back In the times I used to be like that all the time, I would follow what others do and have fun and it was part of the game. It was super nice and now I am realistic and know my stuff but it’s something you learn along the way. Have fun and it’s a game not a game that can cost a life or anything of that sort

I prefer taking a A380 for a few Barrel rolls and loops before landing inverted with my gear down at 350 knots to ensure maximum realism

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I mean its a casual server and not training .

I think casual is for messing. Training server and up gets more serious.

I’ve re subscribed after not flying for 3 months and I’ve been demoted back to Grade 1 on the casual server. It’s a great place to up my hours and even remember certain procedures. I see people out there doing what you’re saying. It’s annoying as hell but most people have not disrupted my flights.

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