Messing around on Expert

Hey IFC!
I’m not the normal person to go around looking for trouble but today I saw something on Expert which I thought I should bring up. Whilst loading up a flight plan at Vegas I heard someone taking off with full power, I looked and it wasn’t on the runway, I then looked again and it was taking off no where near the runway, and with no ATC communications. This was on expert server and I hope for the sake of all the people who like to use IF as a realistic simulator that this can be sorted out.

Sorry for any inconvenience,
Stay safe.
(P.S I’m not sure this is the right category!!)


Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, there are bad apples that try to ruin the sim for others but hopefully these situations do not happen in a regular.

If you see any of these happening in the future, lmk and I’ll try to spawn in and check it out


Hey. I’ll look into it. Thanks!