Messed up right here... who do need to get with?

I was doing touch and goes out of KSAN on the training server. I had to go do something set ATL speed and direction. I come back to 5 violations and being ghosted. I should’ve crashed before any violations took place yet the game did not recognize it. Won’t let me upload the video. Can someone with the IF team help me out.

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Hey, upload the video here:

Have a read of this for assistance:

Two options here:


End Flight

So, if you were doing touch and goes, you should have been well below 10k feet when you set the speed. I’m confused as to what you think may have happened.

What is your display name and callsign? In order to look at the flight, the staff would need some information.

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Well display name in game is IFFC-Robert call was NN1L. Was on the training server and I’m thinking the time was around 3-27-19 at 0108 Zulu

Well, the violations were spaced 20 seconds apart as they should have been.

Any luck sharing the replay to the website above so they can look at it?

Or you can email it to

If you send it to the email Tim provided, I’m around and I’ll look at the full replay right now. I saw the partial clip you uploaded to IFFG.

So I don’t know how to convert to jpeg and that link keeps saying security clearance error.

You don’t need to convert to .jpg

You’re not uploading it here. You’re emailing the file to the address above as the data file. No conversion required.

Yes that’s when the plane stared to turn and the full video is over an hour of tough and goes between KSAN and KNZY.

Replay sent via the email link

The length isn’t an issue, DC can just skip straight to the vios.

I received the replay and am viewing it now.

I’ve removed the violations; however, I want to stress the importance of leaving the your device when in an active airspace. Its not recommended that you do this. The better alternative would be to quit the session or find a suitable airport to land at, leave and do whatever needed to be done, then come back. I realize this was on the training server and we should still try to fly with some awareness to others but that’s up to the pilot to take the initiative.

Like I mentioned earlier on the IFFG, I’ve been flying the TBM on the same build as you for the last 8 1/2 hrs from Europe to the US and I haven’t had an autopilot issue. It’s likely you missed one of the AP buttons? Looks like your VS, Alt. and Speed were enabled based on the stability of those 3 parameters. Heading was a bit of a hit or miss. The excessive bank is what caused the AP to eventually fail which lead you into a nose dive. So my guess is you failed to hit HDG???

Irregardless, I think I’ve explained as much as I can. Moral of the story is to be more cautious and more diligent with your button pushes to make sure things are being selected and are active when you want them to be.

If you have any questions, concerns or other divine revelations feel free to let us know!