Messed up an 11 hour flight

After a smooth flight from London to Los Angeles, upon approach the airplane was physically moved up and down by the game. The height above ground was increasing by around 200 ft each time before dropping back down. The textures of the two runways 25 L/R had disappeared and there was no correlation to altitude and physical appearance. This is what it looked like after the landing

For some unknown reason, the terrain probably got corrupted.

There are several posts about this, so it’s not an unknown issue.

Thanks for reporting!

Sounds like a corrupt terrain file.
In the future you should close all open apps, and restart your device prior to a long flight.

If problem persists try uninstalling then then reinstalling IF.

Okay thanks, it’s just disheartening after a long flight for it to be ruined like this :(

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Totally understand your disappointment, you’re not the first and won’t be the last, that being said, rest assured the FDS team works hard on rectifying these issues expeditiously.

I understand, to be honest the app is great and just needs a few final fixes like this but fair play for doing what they have done so far