Messages To The IFC

Hello, IFC!

Over the last few months, I’ve been having a fun time saying hello to the forum in some various ways.

It all started when someone made a tattoo of the IF logo on their arm. Then, the logo found itself on a beach and then in a cockpit, and on a running path across Paris.

The latest appearance of the IF logois here! I made a light painting to greet you all!

A light painting is when you keep the camera sensor exposed to light for a long period of time (one minute in this case) and then, while in a dark environment, take a source of light (in this case, a laser) and drag it across the field of view to make your drawing.

Now, since I find this activity quite fun and frankly harmless, I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread for everyone to post their latest and greatest greetings to the forum!
Just to prevent this from getting closed, please put a minimum amount of effort/creativity in the project and make sure not to harm people or make a permanent, harmful work of art.

It’s your turn!

Find a fun way to praise this forum and get started!

If you are lacking inspiration, here are a few ideas:

IF-shaped cake/cookies
If you can, make an IF-shaped flight plan (in IF or IRL)
Draw the logo in some snow
Plant some flowers/trees in the shape of the logo
…and many other ideas!

Thank you and have fun!



I’m going to make cookies now…


One day, one of our community pilots with ADS-B equipment will decide to paint the Infinite Flight logo in the sky. That’ll be the ultimate message nobody will be able to beat.


Challenge Accepted.


I was thinking of establishing “Infinite Flight Airways” And paint a Cessna 172 with the Infinite Flight livery.


It is very well possible, very well stupid, and very well expensive.

Take a look at this very well British video by a Youtuber who rebranded an aircraft for a single flight to his own airline.


Shouldn’t be too expensive to repaint a Cessna… maybe 1k-2k dollars? Yeah nevermind…


Yeah that’s a bit expensive :P


I know lol

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Robertine | Greeter Extraordinaire

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”How to Drive Yourself Bankrupt in Less Than 10 Steps.”


I want to do something, but I’m not sure what lol


Sorry for the late reply.

You could make cookies or you could draw it in some snow. You could make a flight plan as Marc said or you could make an IFC origami. You could buy 39 baguettes and line them up to make the IF logo. Your choice.


I’ll ask for this and nothing else


I just might do it now 👀

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IF Dalgona Candy perhaps? Yes, I know it’s squib gaem.

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This is going to sound really random, but is there any place I could go to find the names of every user on the IFC? My best guess is no, but if there is, where could I go to find it?

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Best of luck lol. Feel free to click “username” to sort by that if you wish


Thank you so much!

hopefully I don’t go insane…

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IFC in the snow coming right up. 👀

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