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hey all - I was having this weird moment where I was controlling airspace around New York, I had five frequencies that I was controlling - nyc centre, Boston centre, Washington centre, New York oceanic centre and Oakland oceanic centre. (it may sound a lot but it wasn’t that busy!!)

There was a few moments during my controlling where I could hear messages, but not see them in the text boxes for any of the frequencies, in for London city and Heathrow frequencies?! It was really werid - and I know that they weren’t any aircraft near my airspace as they were all callsigns that when I checked were over London on live flight radar. They were clearly not aircraft that were stuck on my frequency, as they were all messages that had been sent as a response from a London controller, leading me to think that this is probably a bug?

It would be a one-off message; say, ‘xxx cleared for landing runway xx at London city’ - or another message in response to a command that a controller has given to the pilot. it would always be from a pilot, never from a controller. So far it’s happened 3 or 4 times during my two hour session. not sure if anyone has had this issue?

Training server
version 20.03.04 (1015)
Samsung tablet S2 - SM-T815
android version 7.0
Not on the open beta

Hi there,

By the sounds of it, aircraft aren’t within your rendering range in the map (aircraft are limited to a certain amount on the map). When controlling such a vast range of center frequencies with busy airports within the Center, having an aircraft tune in from outside your range means you can only hear it and not be able to respond to it on the map.

The flights sound like they are coming from Heathrow and are over the Atlantic out of your visual range when they tune in.


yeh I thought that might have been the case at first - but it was short snippets of audio like: ‘Cleared for landing runway xxx’ (at a London airport) or ‘London centre xxx with you at xxxft’ - and I wasn’t controlling any of those frequencies?!

Alrighty, what version of Infinite Flight are you running? Are you on the open beta?

version 20.03.04 (1015)

Samsung tablet S2 - SM-T815

android version 7.0

and no I’m not on the open beta! :)

hope that helps :)

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