Message won’t go through

So I pm thum and it’s been 2 days and I still don’t get a response I put there name in the post but and no response EX. @name

Which user in particular. They may have not seen your message.

UPS that’s all and some more from sometime ago

So you are talking about @UPSVirtual?

Yes I still have not got a response I smimed a acitc one month ago

You shouldn’t really be concerned, most VA’s can take up to a few more days (about 5 I would say) all you can do is be patient, if you don’t get anything back after a week perhaps you should reach out to their account again or contact their CEO

I did look

Virtual Airline accounts are not always frequently checked, so if you’re in need of assistance I recommend you directly contact that staff member in charge through the IFC. You can always find their tags at and more specifically through if the matter at hand is rather urgent. Nonetheless you should give them time to reply. It takes a few days at a time from experience.


According to the account info, the account was last checked on August 2020.Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 9.56.42 AM

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Looks like it’s pretty self-explanatory now. UPS Virtual could well be an inactive VA already with last check dates like those.

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This is good enough

@LordWizrak look

Why did you invite 7 individual people and the VA account? You could have just done the VA Account, the CEO, and maybe the Head Recruiter



I have seen you mention this in a few other threads. All im going to say is that UPS VA could be busy developing things or making changes or accepting pilots. Simple answer:

Stop making threads/replies about this they will get back to you.

Also a reminder VA’s accept you as a pilot making threads saying they are taking to long to get back to you will likely not help your case.


Uhhh, Why’d you invite 7 people to the PM? As @KTJ_Mitchell said, I’d think the CEO and a Recruiter would be fine.

UPS Virtual also hasn’t been active lately as the staff members have lives outside of the community including school starting up, families, and holidays.


If the official account hasn’t been around for a while, you might be best served to find a new VA. They come and go.