Message to Pilots at HAAB (ES)

Good morning everyone. Here are some things to keep in mind when flying at Addis Ababa on Expert:

HAAB has no ATIS. Follow all ATC (taxi) instructions.

Please taxi to the thresholds‘ nearest hold short point and switch to tower if instructed.

A back taxi is issued by the tower controller (do not request rwy crossing on ground frequency). If cleared for takeoff, don’t start to back taxi.
Here’s a guide:

Don’t spam the frequency trying to get the opposite rwy. It won’t work and you’ll be ghosted.

If the controller denies pattern work at takeoff, don’t call inbound once on downwind.

Thank you and happy flying everyone! :)


Good luck Soldier

Well I gave up already :D
Nevertheless there’s a little chance for the following controllers to have a better experience. :)

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haha yea, good luck

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I can understand the confusion, that’s why I created this topic. Tower will tell you if a back taxi is needed or not. :)


Yeah lol I was sitting at the airport when @Mats was controlling and literally I thought I was on training server with people just running around like crazy 😡


this might help, includes a chart of the airport as well.

Just gonna bring this up again bc of today’s schedule


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