Message To Mods

Just a message to the mods (Deercrusher) Pr someone I forgot but I pm’d deer crusher about helicopters I think and I don’t know if it sent if you guys are busy I understand you don’t have to respond I was just wondering

@DeerCrusher, care to interject? ;)

hes probably asleep/living life. Give him some time :)

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I sent him the message like a week ago

Ah ok. He may have missed it since he’s a moderator and they get a lot of messages for all kinds of reasons. Is there anything in particular you needed to ask?

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Yea it is not big at all,at all but I wanted to ask if it would be nice for helicopters even though the topic for a helicopter only has like 10 or less votes because they say like a plane someone wants it’s to similar to another but helicopters are way different

There is a helicopters feature request, but I can tell you almost for sure that the Devs are focused on planes right now.

I see. Well, as of now, helicopters are not on the developer’s radar (Atleast for the near future). Helicopters are, after all, completely different to fly so I can imagine it would be more of a challenge to make a realistic and functional model.

Also, just because it has 10 votes, doesn’t mean it won’t be added. Our newest addition to the fleet (the TBM) had around 18 votes.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks guys and I can see deer crusher is replying

Go vote for the helicopters feature topic, hopefully it will be added soon! But be patient!

Sorry. I just got done watching the movie “Sahara” with Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey. Great movie may I add.

Message me again, and I’ll take a look. I get a handful of PM’s on a daily basis. Likely I overlooked it. Apologies. 🙂