Message to devs: Heavy under-representation of Chinese fleets

Hi all! I will first direct everyone reading this to the topic about B757 liveries. It also applies to all our aircraft, in particular the newer ones where we have paid more attention to livery diversity. You can find it here:

Whilst I have everyone’s attention, I’ll happily answer a few queries brought up here:

  1. The airlines people fly the most are the most common airlines you will see added again. Most of our users are from North America, so we actually hugely over-represent the rest of the world in our livery diversity despite this.

  2. Yes, I agree we could have more Chinese liveries. This is something that has been discussed before. However, we have quite a few Chinese airlines already, just not with many variants of the aircraft they fly. The CRJ has a good example of a Chinese airline that no-one flies, but we added after a call for diversity. The B757 will have 2 Chinese airlines represented to help boost this.

  3. We have many Chinese liveries in comparison to other countries. There is more underrepresentation of nations in South America and Africa, with many countries not having an airline represented at all. We want to represent:

  • a) Our core user base
  • b) As many nations as possible

As always, thanks for the feedback and we will take it on board!