Message to devs: Heavy under-representation of Chinese fleets

As someone who was born and lives in, as well as really loves this region, I have to agree with you. And it’s not just the Balkans and Eastern Europe in general, there’s Africa and many other regions whose liveries could be counted on the fingers on your left hand.


And that’s what im trying to explain, If they wanna add then it should be equally added from all airlines together. Doesn’t matter if its American, Asian or European. But IF has its limit loading all the liveries for now. Once Project Metal comes, then we can also expect more new liveries from other Regions.

You can read more about this topic here about why some liveries still couldn’t be added on IF:

And also here:

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Seriously, having 5 Frontier livery is an insult to all these airlines with no representation in IF. I thought they were worried about memory but they have 5 liveries of the same airline? Yeah i just love having to choose one of the animals for my Frontier flight once in 2 years


Once a leap year for me. That’s besides the point though, it’s really frustrating, and it’s not only Frontier, we’ve got the same thing with Southwest. I have some confidence that there’s a very small community of people using all of the Southwest and Frontier liveries. The space they take up could be used for some other liveries, such as Bulgaria Air, AirSerbia, Air Albania, among others, which would bring more diversity to the simulator.


Will a VPN effect analytics, yes. Does it have a huge effect, not necessarily. Two sets of data to consider.

  1. SimilarWeb’s analytics, traffic to by country. It’s not always 100% accurate but we don’t have access to the actual site analytics so this is the next best thing to get a look into the stats.

  1. Flight Simulator Survey by Navigraph from 2019 covering the entire flight simulator community.

Infinite Flight and flight simulation appears to be much more popular in countries other then China. I’m not for or against what you’re saying, just putting that out there because that’s probably one of the larger factors that sways the staff when they pick certain liveries I’d imagine. That along with flight analytics seeing which regions are the most flown in and to, most popular.

Data plus emotions plus demand is what we get.


Just to throw in my two cents on the issue:

I mostly echo @AviatorAlex statement. I also currently live in southeastern europe, the balkans to be exact, which are horrifically under-represented within IF.

The issue of under-represantaion is as much a China issue as it is a Balkans issue, Eastern Europe issue, African issue etc…

Also, i wholeheartedly agree with this

It is a bit nonsensical if you ask me.

On a brighter note - the dev team did state in This topic that they would focus on livery diversity, which is a step in the right direction, hopefully our pleas have been heard!


You ever heard of “Attracting consumers”? China is a HUGGGEEEEE market and there is big bucks there. IF can make a ton of money off Chinese players if they focus more attention on Chinese livery’s. How will it work? Simple. Let’s say our Chinese friend with an interest in aviation discovers IF. He sees a lot of Chinese liverys along with a lot of global livery’s. He buys a sub, IF get a fatter bank account. This will happen x10000. But only if time is put in to expanding the Chinese livery’s in the game. Only then will IF have cracked the Chinese market


A little side note here, that’s exactly the reason we have a ton of Southwest and Frontier liveries in IF, while other parts of the world are getting little to no attention. As my buddy @Ivan0921 said, the IF team did say they would focus on livery diversity, which I really hope is going to be the case.

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100% agreed that if a market is there but it’s definitely harder then it seems I’m sure to balance it all out. Can’t imagine the amount of time, thought, planning and debating as to which to add.


True I guess. But adding a few livery’s ain’t the most time forsaken thing out there

Many Chinese Players don’t download the IF in Apple store/Google Play in Chinese region.
Due to some problems, Android users in China have to use A VPN, so they actually log in to Google Play in foreign countries region such as the United States. And it’s not just a few, the majority of Chinese players are Android. Some Apple players also switch to their US Apple id to make it easier to use some VPN. That may have influenced the number of Chinese players.

But I agree that there are not many if players in China but it is increasing.
I only hope the devs can continue according to their plan, after all, we are users.


If there is a much larger Chinese community in the Va then we could have more liveres from Chinese airlines. Ultimately Infinite flight decides on liveries based on the communities support for each livery.

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I specifically mentioned CES and CSN here, and NOT Hainan or any other airline that has zero livery, because they are also the biggest fleets in the world. They should be in the sim not just because of diversity, but also because of shear fleet size.


Mentally prepares to get reported again

The problem is that the IF community would rather see aircraft that feature them (So america/europe/oceania). The lack of Chinese players is well I will not go there. But as @Captainflight said the IF Devs base their choices off IFC (For the most part) so since there aren’t as many people actually using them, they don’t do it. It doesn’t matter if they have big fleets, its the fact that not many people use them. And IF Devs don’t want to pour time into a livery very little people use.

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Again I would like to stress that “not many people use them” is a result from, not a reason for, the lack of some iconic livery. If this is going to be a reason then we will enter a vicious cycle.
Also, China is a huge but hidden market to explore. Many Chinese players have little to none access to social media like FB, ins and IFC, but they do spend a lot of time on IF itself. Since they can’t speak in social media, a majority of them choose to shout out their feedbacks and requests in the comment section of App Store. However they are using Chinese and the devs are replying in English so I doubt if their opinions are heard.
I took some screenshots of those comments and in case you can’t understand I will translate them:

I suggest that more Chinese liveries to be added, such as Hainan Airlines and Sichuan Airlines.

Please rework the 330 and 787 and add more Chinese liveries. Thanks!

I wish the devs can add more Chinese liveries so that we can have more choices. Nothing is more joyful than watching a perfect aircraft in flight.

We need more Chinese liveries, at least more China Eastern ones, thanks!

For them, it’s the only way to say something to the devs. Believe it or not, these are indeed customer feedbacks. They convey the general demand of Chinese players: ADD MORE CN LIVERIES. That’s it. Satisfying customers means more profit. If those needs are met, the door to a huge market opens. The devs won’t regret it.
That’s my two cents :)

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How are you so sure? Do you assume this because you don’t see a lot of Chinese players I’m certain more people would be flying a China Eastern, China Southern or a Hainan Airlines 737 livery rather than all 5 Southwest ones. No point in trying to defend the devs here mate because this topic is trying to convey that some countries’ carriers are under-represented and completely neglected

Also I hate it when people use the excuse it’s to cater for the majority’. It’s not a valid argument at all whatsoever. I am a Polish person myself yet I barely ever fly the LOT Polish Airlines 737-800 and 787-8 that we have in IF. I also know a lot of people who do the same. It’s because some of us prefer exploring the world instead of constantly restricting ourselves to flying in only one region which is what a lot of people seem to be doing in this community sadly. I mean that’s literally the whole point of global. I NEVER fly within USA and recently I even stopped flying in Europe (my home continent) because other places like South America, Mexico and Africa are so much better and interesting.


To respond to your points: @Igor_M

  • (How are you so sure?) Im so sure because of this: Message to devs: Heavy under-representation of Chinese fleets

  • (Do you assume xyz?) No because I can pull up the IF API and see that there is very few flights in china relative to the USA, Europe area, etc.

  • (Majority argument) Well if its a bad argument why don’t we see more votes for Chinese Aircraft Liveries?

To respond to your points: @AlphaSeven

  • (Feature sys is broke) No its not, they cater to the majority who want it, because they are the majority means obviously they get their choice, that’s literally the definition of voting. Its not hard to get the point that if the majority of people want the option, then they will get it as opposed to the minority of people who want the other option.

  • (Bias) Evidence please, Frontier is an exception, that was ridiculous.

  • To sum up your argument on feature sys, if you want change you need to provide what you would like to see not just “it needs to change” that’s not helpful

  • Catering to a minority as of right now is not how FDS make money, IFC is surprisingly not blocked in china (Depends on city but for most part no) so the argument “there is a community that’s not represented on IFC due to government” doesn’t work. FDS are people too, they have families to feed, and they need salaries so they need money.

Of course, i didnt mean to invalidate your point, they are some of the biggest airlines in the world, and thus need representation more akin to idk Delta, United etc…

I just meant to say that the overarching theme of this topic, underrepresentation of various regions in IF, is much more widespread than just China

Yes of course @FlightGT satisfying customers means more money, but you have to think about FDS, and the economic situation of China, IF devs would much rather satisfy the needs of the majority and gain support there than help the minority, also the average wage In china doesn’t allow for high expense things such as phones able to run IF (well), because some people do doesn’t mean its a “massive market”