Message says "Account already being used on another device"!

Went to continue a flight today and it says “Your account is already being used on another device.” !!! Is this a glitch? Definately only use this on my phone so it is either a glitch or some one is on my account. Any help appreciated.



Unless there’s a server issue (which it doesn’t seem to be right now), it’s usually just a hiccup on the connection for you locally.

Try restarting the app and give it another go :)

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Thank you … Dumb question. By restarting to you mean loggin out and loggin back in?

Just swiping away the app or restarting your device would do :)
As long as you get the initial splash screen with the Infinite Flight logo when you start it back up.

Got it. Unfortunately it has not. Thank you very much though for the response.

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What is your last known callsign?

(Have you emailed us as well by the way?

Air Canada 3692 and yes. Thank you!

Looking at your flights for today, it seems they have been fine but most of them are around 30 minutes long. Is that the same experience you have? Have they been terminated with that message when they’ve been ended or what’s happened more exactly?

Ignoring your email then since we’re talking here :)

So I started a flight last night from San Diego to Vancouver. Probably did a few 30ish minute legs and saved the flight. This morning I logged on to finish. Flew for about… I don’t know… 10 minutes? And then was logged out with the message that I was on another device. Since then my flight is still saved but every time I try to get back on it says I am on another device. I have an I phone Xs Max with IOS 17.2.1

But I have only had one 10 minuteish leg today… nothing more.

Might be something wrong with at flights stored state.
I would recommend to perhaps terminate that flight and starting a new one.

I’ll see if someone can have a look at what happened but it might be a while, hence the above recommendation.

So I ended previoius flight. Tried to start a new one but same problem. Says I am on another device.

Also restarted app and same result.

Appreciate your help and attention! Thanks much!

Hm. Odd.
I’ve checked and there’s no other people on your account.

Is it possible for you to try a different connection source? Like cellular if you’re on WiFi or vice versa.

i’ve had this happen to me before but it never was this serious. i just clicked ok and sometimes repeatedly until it loaded

Update: I can fly on the casual server. Just not the expert.

Okay, I might have figured it out.

Try again in like 5-10 minutes.

Resolved! thank YOU!

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Looks like your previous Expert session was stuck. I saw it earlier but thought it was you right now. But then when you said now that Casual worked but not Expert, I realized what the issue was and disconnected your Expert session.