Message 'line up and wait' in unicom

If are heavy traffic at an Airport and there is no ATC active or in free flight server, it will be easier and nicer to say ‘line up and wait’. For example: “Schiphol unicom, Transavia 15, lining up and wait ranway 24”.

  1. “Schiphol unicom: Transavia 15, holding short runway 24”
  2. Another airplane takes off runway 24
  3. “Schiphol unicom, Transavia 15, lining up and wait runway 24”
  4. After a few seconds “Schiphol unicom, Transavia is taking off runway 24”

Yes, I miss this a lot.


would be useful :}}

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“Line up and wait” is not needed in Unicom, it’s superfluous (like “Hold Short”).
Whatever you say in Unicom must advise other pilots, no one cares if you’re “Lining up and waiting”


It would still be a nice addition though. I think the proper statement would be, “Lining up and waiting, runway XX”.


This is more of a control instruction, not a position report. In the situation described above, I would simply announce that I am taking off as soon as they start rolling, line up on my own, let them get airborne or at a safe distance (depending on aircraft characteristics), then depart.


I’ve never heard anyone announce lining up and waiting on a Unicom frequency. You either hold short or take off.


Can’t you use “[insert airport name here] Unicom is using runway [insert runway number here], left/right traffic”. That’s what I’d use.

He’s referring to traffic on the ground that message is for incoming aircraft to know the runway and pattern in use. So when someone requests traffic advisory’s you send that message to let them know the pattern and runway. In his case you would just say you were taking off and wait if you felt it wasn’t safe to take off right away. Lineup and wait is a controller command. With Unicom you have to be aware of your surroundings and make the decision if it’s safe to take off or not.

Thought this deserves a bump…

it doesnt, look at what @Tyler_Shelton said above.

Yes— you can announce takeoff and then LUAW, but this would state your intentions more clearly.

“8 years later” might just be the longest one ive seen yet


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Point taken. I guess it doesn’t make sense after all.

It should be very useful!

would make Unicom much more realistic and useful, you’ve got my vote!