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Hello there this is a message to the developers and the community and all that are part of the Infinite Flight:

I was wondering why the developers can’t give out a date for release and if they get delayed for multiple reasons, the ifc shouldn’t get mad about it and say “you said this date”. Just be calm and wait for it. I really want a date for the A330 and if it gets delayed, no problem. IFC come on

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It’s much better without a date given. That way it’s not a big let down for people & keeps a nice suspense (Unfortunately, a lot of people are not patient to enjoy that).

Edit: Might I also add that it’s already been a long running tradition.

Be calm about it and wait.

The reason devs don’t give out release dates is because anything can happen during testing that could push back the expected date.

I have seen time and time again people mention or say a date that they get from no evidence and then others will assume it is correct and will just hope that is when the release is, however they are often disappointed when the date comes and there is no release which is why we say “Let’s avoid speculation” and “Be patient” or “Soon™”


Then what’s the point of giving a release date, might as well just wait till IF decides to drop it

Sorry for my trouble, just I want a date and if it’s delayed I’m fine with it

When it’s ready my friend, when it’s ready.

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I know I know, I’m sorry

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This can be closed. Expect another topic of something else, I have many questions

There is no trouble with asking, besides I know everyone wants the date, it just cannot be provided. Now pay attention to IF’s social medias like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook as well as YouTube regarding updates to Infinite Flight.

And any news you hear that isn’t from an Official Staff Member of Infinite Flight will be false.

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Thanks mate!

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