Message Cool Down For aircraft

Good day, IFC. Yesterday, I had a VATC event where I was tower. There was a troll with no display name with the callsign “4500X” spamming messages. I was kicked multiple times from my ATC position in-game for not responding to all of the messages fast enough.

Why this should be added

This should be added so we can lessen the effectiveness of trolling. This may also help ATC in busy airports.

How it should be implemented

You can maybe allow 1 message every 15-20
seconds for aircraft. Maybe a system that detects spamming from aircrafts (a potential troll).

This is a great idea! I might drop a vote because I’ve had this happen on my events and it’s really annoying.

Though I think you should change your title to something like;

“Spam detector for aircraft”

Or something like that, because I honestly got confused with what the title meant.


I meant slow mode so aircraft can’t send 15 messages in 5 seconds.

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I think you can better change to title to “ATC Time-out for pilots (when spamming)” or something.
“Slow mode” doesn’t make sense.
I agree with your idea tho.

A spam detector would be better. Sometimes you have to send multiple messages within 20 seconds.
Like 10 messages within 30 - 60 seconds = warning.
If you continue kick or mute.

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For a second I was thinking you want slew mode from FSX, and I was thinking hell yeah! But then I realize this is for ATC and I am like hell yeah!


We already have a form of slew mode

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Slow Mode is used on communication servers (I.e. Discord, YouTube Live Streams, Slack, Twitch, etc) where it enables a time limit between each message you send. For example, popular Live Streamers (Like @Swiss or CptCanada) use slow mode so their chat doesnt go crazy. When they enable it, users in the chat have to wait 15-30 seconds between send messages.

I think it will mess with relisom.

Trolling messes with realism. Which one would you rather have?


I thought you ment slew mode. Like from FSX. sorry. This idea I love. Out of votes but if a vote cleared up. It’s on this.

I thought you meant like the FSX “slew mode”

Very good idea. Will definitely vote when I get one:)

I’m going to change the title to avoid confusion

A guy with that same callsign was spamming my tracking thread. I think it’s a guy on the community that’s just a troll


I’d change this to maybe 5-10 seconds because someone may have made a mistake in their message, and need to send “correction standby, or “disregard last message”

Other than that it’s a pretty cool idea

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This is great! The only problem I can think of if there isn’t a very busy airport (ie. 5 or less planes) being controlled, then it would make sense to send messages faster. It would be too complicated to implement a system where this turns on/off if there are a certain amount of active aircraft, but great concept overall!

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It wouldnt nesicarily be that hard, devs can do some pretty great stuff

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Could be implemented with a new button for the controller to turn on when they want.

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Like th idea behind this. I’ll thik about it before dropping a vote.

If they are troll that’s the last thing you need a person who is muted and goes mad with taxiing as no one can tell him.

Vote from me