Mess at EGLL in expert server


Today, I was planning on doing a long-haul flight from LHR to LAS as Speedbird 275 on the B77W.

Let me ask a perhaps quite blunt question: what in the name of anything was going on at EGLL around 14:33:54Z?

We had a controller change, after which the controller for GND and TWR left the Freq and returned several times. Once everything seemed to be settled, all outbound aircraft holding short of 27R and 27L were completely ignored, and only inbound aircraft were communicated with. After this, the controller, once again, left the frequency.

Conclusion, my window of departure closed, and I had to end my flight.

Don’t see this as an attack/shame towards IFATC, but merely a request for clarification as the events described did cause a bit of chaos.

Thanks, sincerely.


Hello! I’d recommend contacting the ATC that was controlling at the time for an explanation. Could possibly have had connection issues or aircrafts not showing.

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Sorry to hear about that. You can always feel free to go back into your replay and check out who was the controller and send them a friendly PM.
Based on that time, the controller seemed to be @junj_c23. It seems that they were having connection issues. Hope that helps!

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Sorry to hear this, I was the GTS controller around that time. There was some connection issues with my VPN and this is the reason why that i could hear ur requests but it didn’t appear on my screen which i cannot give out my commands to u. I tried to restart the game and change wifi connection for a serval times, but the weird things still goes on so i have to decide to close it and i’m so sorry about ur flight🥺



Aha, I see. I’m sorry your VPN wasn’t being the most cooperative. You have my full understanding :-))

About my flight, don’t worry! Sh*t happens as they so often say 🥲.

And of course I should say thanks for clearing this up! :DD


Thanks for your help Erik! :)))


Thanks for the understanding😛!!! Hope see u again in the future and have a great day!


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