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Hello and good evening IFC, Originally i was not planning to make this topic (I don’t want to clog the forums), but CYQB is an absolute mess right now (on expert server). Their was recently ATC, but once they left, everything went south. An Aeroflot a330 taxied through like 3 planes, a tbm sat on the runway and didn’t move, their was like 10 go-arounds, their was no spacing in the air… it was an absolute gong show. At this i just want to ask the community what can be done about this. It pains me to see the expert server turn into Casual Server V2 on Unicom, and how their is nothing to do about it. I know there is a report button but in my experience with it i have found useless. So to sum up, I really want to know what to do when this happens, as i don’t want the expert server to turn into the casual server without ATC, Thank You.


Do you have any names/screenshots? If we don’t have people names the mods can’t take any action, and you, and or the mods can’t speak to them about there actions…

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My best advice would be to get the names of the violators and report then to an Moderator.


No screenshots but IFMEMES was the TBM just sitting on the runway, and Speedbird457 taxied through multiple people on the taxiway and runway.

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@Evan see CYQB needs you 😂


Yes it did lol, once he left everything just went wild


I remember someone having a similar issue one time when I closed KDCA, except the post was on IFFG

Yep, people don’t respect unicom because they know repricussions are limited…

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Hi there,

Yes, CYQB is a mess, as I can see on LiveFlight.

If you see people violating rules, please take Screenshots of their Actions. (With their Callsign and Display name if possible.)

Best to get them out as soon as possible so they dont create further issues.

I’ll certainly add though, it was hard doing Tower at CYQB without APP, definitely something you need…


Trust me, I know, I have seen it myself too

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In future I will screenshot some names and pictures, thanks for the suggestion.

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