Mesa Virtual | Texas Takeover | @ KIAH - 041500ZAUG18

Mesa Virtual Presents

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston) (KIAH) > Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (KDTW)

Welcome to Mesa Virtual first event since the big reform! Today Mesa Virtual brings to you a fabulous route from George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston to Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.
Server: Training Server [Global v2]

Region: North America
Date: 04th August 2018
Start Time: 1500z (1600 BST +1/UTC +1, 0800 UTC -7, 1100 UTC -4, 0000 UTC +9, 0100 UTC +10)

Air Frame: Embraer E-175 (United Airlines Livery)
Distance: 952 NM Block Fuel: 6036 KG
Departure Runway: 33L and 33R (Planned)
Arrival Runway: 27L and 27R (Planned)

Climb Profile:
1946 ft. /min @ 240 kts until FL10
1946 ft. /min @ 290 kts until FL238
1946 ft. /min @ 300 kts until FL310

FL310 @ M 0.70

Descent Profile:
TOD Waypoint: NAKES
-2357ft. /min @ 290 kts until FL214
-2336ft. /min @ 290 kts until FL14
-787ft. / min @ 250 kts until FL031


Gates George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston) (KIAH) Terminal A

A01 - @Dannyshaw24
A02 -
A03A -
A03B - @rileymoyer
A03C -
A03D -
A03E - @Qx1056
A07 - @Chussey
A08 -
A09 - @DiamondGaming4
A10 -
A11 -
A12 -
A14 - @captainmalik
A15 -
A17 - @ouzi
A18 -
A19 -
A24 -
A25 -
A26 -
A27A -
A27B -
A28 -
A29 -
A30 -

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Sign me up for a gate, please.


Hey sure you can

A03B for you ;-)

I’ll take a gate please

Sorry but I can’t be apart of the event after all. Traveling that week. Thanks. MV103

I’m really sorry. Had my fly out date incorrect. If still possible can I get a gate please. MV103. Thanks

Can I get a gate please. MV103. Thanks

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Ooh a flight from my home airport! Sign me up!

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Sign me up! Would like a gate assignment.
MV123 (Shifty)

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Sure thing, Gate A07 for you :)

Sign me up please

Callsign —> saudia 11

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Thank you so much!!!

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No worries man, see you there!

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May i have a gate please?
Im really love the E175 especially with the United express livery :)

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A17 for you good sir

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Hello, please remove me from the event. Sadly, I will be traveling at the time of the event. Have fun all!

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