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The official thread of Mesa Virtual.
Welcome! We are a virtual airline based on the regional carrier Mesa Airlines. With our live routes database and premium operations center, we offer a unique experience for all Virtual Pilots. With multiple commercial pilots on our staff, we offer the most realistic experience.

003-airplane Two liveries. One Virtual Airline.

Mesa Virtual operates on behalf of United Express and American Eagle, allowing our pilots the flexibility to fly two of the most iconic liveries in the sky under one virtual airline.

005-computer-screen Website

Mesa Virtual is proud to offer a premium website with a premium “.com” domain paid for by our amazing staff. Unlike most virtual airlines, we do not use free website hosting, we do not use website builders, and we do not use VAM or phpvms. We believe all those systems are outdated and not up to the standard our pilots deserve.

By using the vabase platform, we are able to provide our pilots with a unique integrated website that includes all the standard features you would expect from a premium VA but catered to users using mobile devices.

LogoVisit our website today; 226

002-calendar Dynamic Live Schedule

At Mesa Virtual we deliver the best to our pilots, that’s why our staff pay a third party company to deliver our pilot’s live schedule updates. What happens in the real world happens to us. Never miss a single flight with over 1,200 schedules currently in our system, watch as our schedule evolves like the real world.

004-airplane-around-earth Connecting Small town USA

Like other Virtual Airlines we operate from major US Hubs across the country. But the similarities stop there. Mesa Virtual connects small town USA flying to challenging and scenic airports all across North America. Come fly with us and we’ll show you the heart of the USA like you’ve never seen it!
Our Fleet
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Project America is an initiative set out by Mesa Virtual to improve Regional flying across North America. With a team of IFATC and Airport Editors we are hard at work editing and bringing quality airports to not just our pilots but the entire Infinite flight community. When the ATC schedule allows we hope to encourage active ATC at many of these amazing airports!

Logo Contact @Aviationluver if you’d like to assist in Project America.

002-id-card Your Staff

Our staff team is small and personable and most importantly dedicated.

Chief Executive Officer: @Dannyshaw24
Chief Operations Officer: @Darragh_ODonoghue
Director of Operations: @Aviationluver
Public Relations Manager: @Lolo31R

001-partnership Partnerships

Become a Partner
001-vip Only Accepting the Best

Mesa Virtual is a premium VA offering premium features and premium service. That’s why Mesa Virtual has a pilot cap of 30 of Infinite Flights best Pilots. At Mesa Virtual we’re about quality not quantity.

Other Requirements:

Minimum age of 13
Grade 3
Pro Subscription
Minimum of 5 hours over a given 30day period
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✔︎ We are IFVARB approved.

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