Mesa Airlines CRJ-900

This is a stunning livery that I hope makes its way to the CRJ 900. One of the best in my opinion. **Mesa Airlines proudly partnered with the American Airlines brand since its first codeshare agreement with America West in 1992 and later with US Airways. Today, the Company operates 64 CRJ900 and 1 CRJ200 aircraft for American.**πŸ›©

This is certainly an airline that I have never seen.

American leases some of their aircraft.

Yes it is not the most common airline out there, but it would be nice to have it in Infinite Flight.

For the most part, you’ll find Mesa operating under American Eagle and United Express with CRJs and ERJs

Yeah, but it would be lovely to see the Mesa Livery in Infinite Flight.

Agreed. I was just clarifying things a bit regarding Mesa in the first comment, lol

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Oh, thanks for that lol.

This livery looks quite simple, nice

Yes it is simple, but it looks nice.

This would be a cool livery to have! @DeerCrusher can probably agree with that. ;)

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Yes. I love the black colour 😍😍

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Yeah, I got the idea from @DeerCrusher, and I thought it would be a nice addition to the CRJ-900 Liveries.
So the conversation was me asking what airline @DeerCrusher was flying for, and he told me Mesa Airlines, Its a regional airline that flies for American Airlines, So I searched it up and saw this simple but lovely livery 😍

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Yes, It looks soo good on the tail ❀️.

Had the aircraft here in Reno a few days ago and if we’re talking Mesa here’s a few pictures of the AA Mesa aircraft


Those are lovely shots 😍 @N1DG

Cool! A very unique livery to have in the game.

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Yes indeed:)