Mervin_Sui's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @VABB

Hello everyone, I am running for IFATC and would like to practice some patterns for my upcoming exam. Hope you will be joining. Your help is appreciated. Thank You.

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I’ll stop by.

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Hello, I was N703WU!

There was a couple mistakes I noticed you made:

  • When an aircraft request to take off, and is remaining in the pattern, you need to give a “turn left/right” after the takeoff clearance.
  • I noticed you told CORONA to enter left downwind after they were departing north, when he was taking off.
  • Same thing with Speedbird 321. You told Speedbird 321 to enter left downwind, and they were departing straight out.
  • When taking off, you don’t need to give pattern instructions. Only sequencing and clearance to land. You only need to issue pattern instructions if an aircraft is inbound for landing or a runway change.
  • The “exit runway” command was a little late. You should issue it around 80kts.
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Thank You so much sir. I will keep it in mind.

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Hope you had a nice ATC session. Can’t wait to see you become IFATC some day.

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Thanks mate. Such kind words.

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VHHH Tower and Ground are closed now.

Hello everyone, Today i am doing Tower and Ground Frequencies for my upcoming IFATC practicals at VABB Mumbai. I hope you guys will join and help me practice some pattern work. Thank You.

Hiya! I assume you are not open right now, just to stop confusion could you please change the title! Thanks

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Yes brother. Sorry i forgot. It’s done now.

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