Mervin_Sui flight from Singapore Changi to London Heathrow

Short Summary:
Yesterday I flew a flight from Singapore Changi Airport to London Heathrow Airport. I landed after nearly 13 hours of flying time. Landing was a little tough in London as it was a cross landing. Here I am sharing some of the best screenshots of the flight.

Flight Information:
Departure Airport: Singapore Changi Airport (WSSS)
Arrival Airport: London Heathrow Airport (EGLL)
Fleet & Livery: Singapore Airlines B777-300ER
Flight Time: 12 Hours 45 Minutes
Username: mjmnmjmn
Call-sign: singapore 69
Cruising Altitude: 42000 feet
Cruising Speed: 0.85 mach


Number 1: My Singapore Airlines B777-300ER parked at Singapore Changi Airport.

Number 2: Taking Off from 02C Runway At WSSS. Here we go.

Number 3: Cruising at 42000 feet near The Himalayas in Nepal.

Number 4: Leaving Indian state of Jammu-Kashmir in India.

Number 5: Flying Over Ukraine.

Number 6: Starting my descent towards the London Heathrow Airport.

Number 7: Landing gears are out.

Number 8: Crosswind Landing touchdown at EGLL on runway 27L.

Number 9: Arrived on ground after 12 hours 45 minutes of flying.

Number 10: Parked my aircraft safely at the London Heathrow Airport.

Also Please vote for the Best Screenshot out of the 10.

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Didn’t you make this same thread a few minutes ago

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yeah bro but i had to delete it as it had 11 screenshots and i can’t change poll after 5 minutes so created this with 10 screenshots. Hope you like it.

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I voted and liked the post!

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Much better now, nice job!

Let’s go Photo #4

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I am rooting for that pic as well.

For me it is #3

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That’s 2nd for me tho.

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One of my favourite liveries from the B777-300ER nice pics bro! Keep it up.


Thank you so much.

Looking good! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much.

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